HR process outsourcing


Haven’t got the time, expertise or resources to complete your policies, procedures & contracts?

We can do them for you! Madhees can provide you with the option of taking away all of the hassle, additional work, and cost associated with the development of your policies, procedures, and contracts.

Core HR Functions

Trigger your business goals and business model by implementing core HR functionalities such as Temporary Staffing, Background checks, regulatory compliance etc...

Plug-and-Play Solution

Organisations can access to our pre-qualified, prior negotiated contracts with our staffing firm, which can be a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective one-stop shop for a range of HR outsourced services.

Reduce Employment-Related Expenses

Don’t let Employment and labour laws change regularly, effects your laws and cost lawsuits brought on by employees to cut down, labour costs account for one of the largest operating expenses.


Our HR policy ensures that all stakeholders in the recruitment process (HR, department head, line manager etc.) are able to follow the process and be confident of the outcome by requiring transparent procedures at every step.

Facilitating Hr Process and outsourcing strategies:

Madhees HR process outsourcing can help you by taking care of all of your core requirements that allows you to concentrate on growing your company’s profitability and productivity.

We will support your organization’s process seamless and in time as required.

The HR Solutions from Madhees are tailor-made to suit every business need and designed to be cost-efficient. We have the quantity and quality to work on the core HR Issues and processes.

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Benefits Hr Process and outsourcing:

  • Cost effective for the organization
  • Improves efficiency
  • Can have expert advice with no additional cost to organization


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