How Does Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Works

The workforce is the key ingredient for an organisation. Employees play an important role in the success of an organization where the efforts of an employee result in organizational growth and development. So finding the right candidate for a position in the organisation is a crucial thing while recruiting a candidate. You need to be careful while recruiting one as you invest time, money and efforts, and if not, all your hard work to find one is gone.

In order to overcome all these, Organisations have started to outsource the process of recruitment to a third party service provider who is commonly known as a consulting company, who screen, assess and recruit a right candidate for the organisation as per the requirements. This reduces the efforts of HR staff of the company so that they can focus more on the internal tasks of the organisation.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a business process, where a consulting firm screens, assess and tests a candidate for an organisation is due to the positions available with and find one who is worthy and matches the organisation’s culture, values and business goals accordingly.

How Does a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Work?

The Initial process starts with the agreement between the organisation and consulting firm where the scope of the project, timing, and cost are discussed followed by the detailed information of the position such as the number of requirements, job role and description, eligibility criteria and more. Once the information is received, the consulting company starts the recruitment process by announcing the job openings using its own methods or through the client’s techniques and systems. The Consulting firms screen the applicants in all the aspects as per the requirements of the client organisation and process the selected candidates to the final screening of the organisation. This process gives the organisation a small number of candidates to select from the highly talented which is an easy task for the HR staff.

Benefits of an RPO

1. RPO Firms have access to latest tools and are aware of latest trends and technologies to attract the top talent from specialized sources such as websites and social media, which an In-house HR professional may not be familiar of.

2. RPOs have full-time recruiters who have deep industry knowledge, which they use to reach out to hard-to-find candidates.

3. RPO Firms support globalization. When an Organisation is expanding into others countries, RPOs help out the companies in staffing and hiring solutions, as it would be a new place for the organisation which needs some time to adapt to country’s Professional Culture.

4. RPOs helps organisations in saving time, Cost reduction, Quality Hiring, Salable Capacity and Competitive Advantage.

Madhees Techno Consulting RPO Services are flexible and customized to every industry, demographic, social & economic needs. Madhees strictly follows the recruitment policies of clients worth addition saving among these parameters and additionally offer onsite and/or offsite services as needed by clients. Offering versatile staffing service wherever, throughout peak recruitment months, Madhees deploys extra recruitment force to make sure sleek recruitment within the organization. This substantially impacts the client’s bottom line since it could work with the minimum number of recruiters during lean months.


Post Date : 21/08/2020

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