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Job Title: Experience Designer

Job Description :

We are looking for an Experience Designer (UX Designer) who will embrace and contribute to our team culture and share your hard-earned expertise to create the user interface and experience for our players.

Number Of Posts: 1

Job Type : Full Time

Job Location: Hyderabad

Salary : Negotiable

Experience : 4-10

Required Skills :

UX Designing Skills, UI, Front End Technologies, Adobe and Photoshop.

Mandatory Qualifications :

•       5+ years' professional experience in game design.

•       A portfolio with examples of finished UX/UI work and insight into your development process.

•       A passion for games and understand what is outstanding UX across multiple genres.

•       Understand the connections between UI functionality and UI aesthetics, and how to enhance outcomes for the benefit of gamers.

•       Strong technical skills and comfortable with getting into the guts of a game.

•       The ability to analyze metrics or other feedback methods to evaluate and improve your work postlaunch.

•       Design intuitive, usable and engaging mobile interactions and interface designs. 

•       Develop and maintain detailed user-interface specifications. 

•       Should be proficient in UI/UX preferred package Unity. 

•       Good knowledge of UI animation and particle creation in unity. 

•       Proficient with Photoshop. 

•       Good in-depth knowledge about mobile games and their functionality. 

•       Excellent written communication and documentation skills. 

•       Good team player. 

•       Ability to work with the developers to implement the design elements in the game.


•       Guide the creation of the best pathways to guide players through menus and options easily.

•       Work with all disciplines – code, art, design, audio, animation, FX – to create optimal UI/UX.

•       Find new ways to advocate for improving the design of the UI tool set & workflow.

•       Establish best UX design practices for the team and lead by example.

•       Design mock-ups, wireframes and storyboards to support the flow of the game 

•       Move from wireframe to visual iterations to finished art, and finally to implementation in an - actual UI system. 

•       Create and implement a broad variety of high-quality artwork 

•       Provide and receive constructive feedback and critique.



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