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Job Title: Lead Telecom Engineer

Job Description :

We are looking for Lead Telecom engineer role with 5-10 Years of relevant work experience. that is primarily responsible for overseeing global telecommunication technology support and operations, including Teams\Skype collaboration services and related voice calling and teleconferencing infrastructure. Also responsible for mobile phone and IoT cellular mobile support.

Number Of Posts: 1

Job Type : Full Time

Job Location: Hyderabad

Salary : Negotiable

Experience : 5-10 Years

Required Skills :

VOIP, Cisco, Avaya, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Team handling, Telecom Expense Management (TEM) platform.

Mandatory Qualifications :

  • 5+ years working extensively with telecom technologies; managing both technology implementation and support and providing telecom services for a global organization. 
  • 1 - 2 years working in a supervisory role directing the work and quality output of subordinate team members.
  • Significant working knowledge of integrated voice collaboration suites from Microsoft (Skype, Teams preferred); Cisco, Avaya, or others will qualify. Including VoIP\SIP telephony endpoints. 
  • Significant working knowledge of PSTN technologies and vendors (ISDN, PRI, POTS lines, SIP, toll-free) and PSTN interfaces (gateways, ATA’s, multiplexers, SIP routers). 
  • Experiential knowledge and ability to analyze a telecommunication order form, invoice, or service report and understand the details sufficient to effectively manage such services. 
  • Working knowledge of global mobile data solutions for networking and IoT. 
  • Knowledge of mobile phone and cellular technology management in a global company. 
  • Knowledge of agent call management \ call center platforms a plus. 
  • Knowledge of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) a plus.

Licensure & Certifications:

  • Technology certifications for Skype\Team preferred (Avay, Cisco, et al are also relevant).

Roles and Responsibilities:

Key Accountabilities/Essential Functions of the Job:

  • Ability to quickly troubleshoot technical issues and drive fast resolution time. 
  • Collaborative with technical team and other business colleagues to drive successful operational and project outcomes. 
  • Strong planning and organization skills, for self and for directing the work or others, including other business function.
  • Oversee\manage Skype\Teams voice and meeting collaboration technology and services, including dial-in conferencing, desk\conference phones, and PSTN interfaces. Responsible for providing consistent high level of quality and quick resolution of issues when they occur. 35% of Time Spent 
  • Oversee\manage global mobile phone services by working with regional and global management partners to ensure effective operations with ordering, billing, and cost control measures. 20% of Time Spent
  • Oversee\manage cellular data services, including site networking and IoT data. 15% of Time Spent 
  • Oversee\manage and act as Organization champion for the TEM platform and service. Continue to drive implementation and continuous process improvement and automation. 20% of Time 
  • Oversee\manage the call center platform. 10% of Time Spent


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