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Job Title: Nuke Compositor

Job Description :

We are looking for a number of Nuke Compositors for our new Chennai operation in India. The Chennai operation will be a strategically important large-scale production hub that services all of our global hubs.

Number Of Posts: 2

Job Type : Full Time

Job Location: Chennai

Salary : Negotiable

Experience : 3-6 years

Required Skills :


  • At least 3 years of professional experience with Nuke
  • A strong showreel, with clear information to show what was done and by whom - demonstrating good experience in tracking, keying, rotoscoping, grading
  • A good understanding of photography and broadcast, and how the interactions of light, lenses and digital sensors contribute to the construction of a moving image
  • A good understanding of color space, video codecs and their use in the digital pipeline
  • Ability to critically assess your own work so as to complete VFX work to a standard that meets the approval of producers and clients, without vetting by fellow artists
  • Clean and efficient Nuke script organisation
  • Possess good working knowledge of post-production processes & services
  • Knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator - would be a plus
  • Knowledge of tracking software, e.g. PFtrack & Mocha, would a plus
  • Knowledge of any 3D software, e.g. Cinema4D & Maya, would be a plus
  • Knowledge of After FX would be a plus
  • Knowledge of programming languages, e.g. Python, would be a plus

Mandatory Qualifications :

The Role:

  • Compositing, tracking, product replacement, keying, rotoscoping, secondary color grading in Nuke, quickly, accurately and convincingly
  • Adhering to workflow processes so that projects can be re-accessed and re-versioned quickly and effectively
  • The ideal candidate will be committed to producing the highest standard of work at all times and taking an active interest in changing trends in VFX


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