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Job Title: React JS Developer

Job Description :

We are looking for ReactJS Developer with 4-7 Years of relevant experience, talented self-motivated individuals with the capability and drive to support the premiere online architecture and dedicated candidates who thrive in fast-paced, ever-changing development environments.

Number Of Posts: 1

Job Type : Full Time

Job Location: Bangalore

Salary : Negotiable

Experience : 4-7 Years

Required Skills :

React JS, TypeScript, D3.JS

Mandatory Qualifications :

  • 4-7 years of web development experience using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript libraries like Axios, jquery.
  • Must be Proficient in React.js or Redux*, nodejs and D3.
  • Exposure in nodejs.
  • Must be good in the concepts of React.js and in building SPA.
  • Proficient in JavaScript and the concepts of promises or async/await or callbacks*.
  • Good to have dashboarding exposure and charting libraries like d3.js, echart, vega, nvd3, etc.
  • Familiar with the build tools like babel and webpack.
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them.
  • Ability to understand the requirement and form the React hierarchal components.
  • Must be good with CSS or any CSS framework.


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