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Job Title: Strategic Sourcing specialist

Job Description :

Primary Role: The Operations Specialist, Sourcing Operations Shared Services Centre will be based in Hyderabad, India. The role will be responsible for the execution and the handling of specific sourcing operational tasks that the internal Global Sourcing team chooses to assign to the Shared Services Centre. These include updating SAP systems with supplier and product information, generating reports to drive improved performance and building relationships with suppliers and internal stakeholders to support operational excellence. Potential career paths available into Sourcing (as a buyer) and other parts of the company organization depending upon need, fit and aptitude.

Number Of Posts: 2

Job Type : Full Time

Job Location: Hyderabad

Salary : negotiable

Experience : 3-9 years

Required Skills :

Key Accountabilities/Essential Functions of the Job

  • Managing supplier data in SAP by creating and maintaining accurate vendor details, contracts, and price updates.
  •  Preparing reports and providing analytical support to procurement team, including undertaking market analysis and supplier qualification processes.
  • Supporting new supplier qualifications to expand supply base.
  •  Maintaining consistent data taxonomy according to guidelines, resolving complaints and updating databases
  •  Building positive relationships with suppliers and internal stakeholders.
  • Issuing purchase orders and ensuring compliance with safety and responsible care programs

Mandatory Qualifications :

Key Accountability /Essential Functions of the Job – Please list up to six major responsibilities and duties in a logical order for the position. (Use typical sentence structure: implied subject/verb/object/explanatory phrase.) These would include any on-going activities (can be daily, monthly or annual) that constitute at least 5% - 10% of the position’s time.  Please exclude any one-time special projects or activities assigned to the incumbent and not the position


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